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Illustrated007 Blog

Another Bond post! I found a fascinating blog featuring artwork and book covers from the James Bond series: I love to see all the unused material and even just the different covers of the books! The blog goes back to 2008, so the level of content is incredible, but also very organised as the image posts are tagged by authors, book titles, and types of merchandise.

Michael Gillette’s James Bond covers

I found an article on the development of Michael Gillette’s Bond book covers on this blog. I really like the 2008 reprint covers, so when I found these magazine articles showing the design process, I was really interested to see the changes made between the initial sketches and the final product. I like how his simple pencil work was recreated in the final pieces using a limited colour palette, and strong bold shapes to create the figures of the Bond girls.

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FILMography Blog

Very interesting concept where stills from films are printed out, and then held up in front of their location, to create a seamless photo of fiction and reality. I can recognise a lot of the New York sights from when I went in 2008!

Oh come on, you knew I was going to choose this picture to post!! 🙂

Crash Bandicoot Development Art by Charles Zembillas

I have previously posted about Crash Bandicoot’s development and The Naughty Dog Story + Original Soundtracks, but now thanks to Charles Zembillas we are able to see previously unposted Crash Bandicoot concept art! The changes that Tawna and Aku Aku went through are the biggest and it is both strange and interesting to see how they have developed.

Origin of Cortex
Origin of Cortex Part 2
Origin of Aku Aku

Lost Tawna Concept
Original Tawna
Original Pinstripe
Origin of Papu Papu

Aku Aku Concept Art by Charles Zembillas

Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness Soundtrack

Today I was linked to the Soundcloud of Peter Connelly, composer for various games including multiple Tomb Raiders. I have always loved the Angel of Darkness theme. Although Tomb Raider 3’s theme will probably always be my favourite, the Angel of Darkness’s theme is unrivaled in its quality as an orchestral piece. I think the effort that went into the soundtrack and the research by Murti Schofield was incredible; it was just such a shame that Eidos didn’t allow enough time for Core Design to put the same attention to detail into the game itself.

Below is my favourite piece, the title theme, but the entire soundtrack is available here.

The Naughty Dog Story + Crash Bandicoot Soundtracks

I previously linked to an interesting series of blog posts by Andy Gavin on the development of Crash Bandicoot. I recently just found this video which looks further into the background of Naughty Dog, the developers of the original games!

I found this too, posted on a forum I visit; a link to the Soundcloud of Josh Mancell, composer of the original Crash Bandicoot soundtracks. As a huge Crash Bandicoot fan it is interesting to listen to the original high quality tracks and to see how they’ve changed as they were put into the games!

Crash Bandicoot Development

If you are a fan of Crash Bandicoot or game development then you have to read this excellent and very interesting series of posts about the development of the original Crash Bandicoot from one of his creators, Andy Gavin.