Gone Girl, Sharp Objects, Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

Initially the only reason I had an interest in Gone Girl was because I knew Trent Reznor worked on the soundtrack. I didn’t see the film when it first came out and knew very little about it until I got the book in December. Despite my questionable reasoning for buying it, it turned out to be an excellent decision and I had finished the book in 3 days. Then I rapidly went to see the very last screening at the cinema, and in the next few days I’d found copies of Flynn’s other two novels, Sharp Objects and Dark Places.

gone girl

My favourite of the 3 was Gone Girl, followed by Sharp Objects then Dark Places. All of these books do not have a conventional “happy ending”. There is a common theme throughout Flynn’s work; every character has issues, especially the female ones. Some are misguided but some are outright insane.

Gone Girl
The plot is semi predicable; you know something is amiss, yet you cannot fully decide on a single theory. It’s cliché to say, but I did prefer the book over the film. With Flynn working alongside Fincher, the adaptation into film stayed very accurate to the book, only omitting a few background characters. However, the book explains the reasoning behind Amy’s actions a lot better, especially with Desi and her “stalker” friend (who doesn’t appear in the film).

Sharp Objects
One of the main plot lines is given away by the review quotes on the blurb! This was Flynn’s first work and is a lot shorter than Gone Girl; I read the entire book in a single day. There are a lot of underlying issues with the characters that all tie together, resulting a severely messed up family.

Dark Places
The plot was not predictable, however I wasn’t as invested the book. Perhaps I had just burned out from reading Flynn’s work so quickly, but I was more interested in Ben’s and Patty’s chapters and finding out how the family had been murdered, rather than the main character of Libby and the “Kill Club”.

The upcoming adaptations of Sharp Objects and Dark Places should be interesting, although I think they have got the casting of Dark Places wrong. I pictured Libby as something like Denise in the movie Can’t Hardly Wait, to which Charlize Theron is the complete opposite.

gone girl spines

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