PS2 Promo Discs

Though looking similar to Platinum releases with their plain silver disc, these are in fact promo discs (blue print and “PROMO ONLY” printed at the top). Promo discs contain the full game and are usually sent out to game shops or the press prior to the game’s official release. They don’t have DVD packaging or a cover printed onto the disc for this reason.

Without having played my copy of Sly 1 yet, I got Sly 2: Band of Thieves as I’m fairly certain I will like the series. War of the Monsters was not a game I’d heard of. After checking on my phone out of curiosity, it had positive reviews and also is selling at the £15-£20 mark on eBay. I already have Tekken 4 and whilst it’s not my favourite Tekken, for me it was a novelty to get the promo disc. All of the discs are immaculate with no scratches.

The games were £1.99 each, but I used 2 x £2 vouchers, making the total £1.97 for all 3.

promo discs

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