Diary of a Chav

diary of a chav 3 250 editNow of course these books are very much aimed at a much younger age group, and I bought the first book as a joke, expecting it to be utter shash. Surprisingly, it was hilarious and I luckily managed to find the rest of the series within a few months.

The titular “chav”, Shiraz Bailey Wood, repeatedly finds herself in crazy situations, yet her actions and the way it is written make it still seem strangely believable. Situations include defrosting Christmas chipolatas with hair straighteners, auditioning her dog for a TV reality show, and her holiday to Ibiza; all of which end in disastrous humour. The series follows Shiraz’s journey through secondary school and the decisions she makes regarding her education, family and personal life.

What makes the humour is Shiraz, like fellow diarist Adrian Mole, is oblivious to the events occurring around her. The two characters/book series are quite comparable to each other, though Shiraz is hardly an “intellectual” like Adrian considers himself. And like Townsend, Dent draws from everyday situations and brings the humour from these. The Diary of a Chav books aren’t intended to be challenging literary epics, but they are seriously funny and would be appreciated by fans of the either the diary or humour genres.

#1 Trainers v. Tiaras – 50p
#2 Slinging the Bling – £1.25
#3 Too Cool for School – £1.50
#4 Ibiza Nights – 10p
#5 Fame and Fortune – 49p
#6 Keeping it Real – 99p

diary of a chav edit

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