The Simpsons Books

Nancy Cartwright – My Life as a 10 Year old Boy
Despite the title, there is actually rather little in this book about The Simpsons. Nancy writes a large portion of the book about her youth and family. The more interesting chapters are the ones she admits she had to ask somebody else to explain to her – how an episode of The Simpsons is created step by step. From the planning to voice acting to lip syncing the animation.

John Ortved – An Uncensored, Unauthorized History of The Simpsons
Rather than a true history, this book is 352 pages of quotes collected from other sources with the rare sentence to introduce the next series of quotes. The book also paints Matt Groening in a bad light due to his refusal to contribute to the book. However, I did find out some things I didn’t know about The Simpsons, particularly the production/writing side of the earlier seasons.

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