Relics – Petroc series by Pip Vaughan-Hughes

I picked up Relics way back in May for 25p. Even with a stack of books in my arms, I just kept going back to Relics. Picking it up; reading the blurb; putting it back on the shelf; and repeat. The blurb sounded very interesting and I liked the way the random passages I read were written. Not that it’s relevant, but the cover was lovely too – it has a nice texture and shiny embossing.

I finished Relics in July and I really enjoyed it. It’s very much the cliché of “I couldn’t put it down”. Relics was such a nice book to read and had so much charm to it, Vaughan-Hughes has such a excellent grasp on vivid description and writing Petroc as such a likeable character.

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Since then I’ve been lucky enough to find the next two books in the trilogy. The second book, The Vault of Bones, I am not enjoying anywhere near as much as I did Relics. It’s approximately double the size and it feels a bit “rambly”, almost as if the book is padded out with unnecessary filler and an overuse of elaborate synonyms where they’re not needed. The Vault of Bones has been sitting on my desk for months and it feels like I’m making no headway with it.

The third book, Painted in Blood, is a similar size to the first, so I’m hoping it will have returned to a similar standard. There’s another book about Petroc too, The Fools Crusade, although that said, I still need to get through the second book! I’m flagging somewhere around the midway point. It’s struggling to hold my interest which is disappointing as I loved the first book so much.

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