policenauts_02b-e1344878015505First of all, I have to give credit to everybody who worked on the English fan-translation of Policenauts. This game never got an official release outside of Japan and as I don’t know Japanese, it is very much a game I would have never been able to play. The English translation is incredibly well done and is definitely up to the standard of any official translation. They did a good job of adding colloquialisms to each character’s manner of speaking, but all the time it still felt true to the official translations of other Hideo Kojima games. A lot of work also went into the programming aspect of the translation, details of which can be found here.

The translation patch is available at the project’s site: http://policenauts.net/english/indext.html

Policenauts is true to the style of any of Kojima’s other games and is very, very verbose. The storyline is utterly engrossing and when I wasn’t playing this game, I was thinking about it constantly. I put somewhere around 15 hours into this game. Kojima does an excellent job of setting up the Policenauts world and it is very much believable despite being a little over the top by most conventional standards. There is a lot of backstory and lore which is generally explained through talking to other characters. For a detailed timeline of the events in the Policenauts universe see: http://policenauts.net/english/timeline.html

redwoodmeetPolicenauts deals with serious issues such as human organ trafficking, widespread drug dealing, and corrupt police forces, to name a few. There is a lot of content in this game which they would never be able to get away if they tried to release it today (mostly all the sexual harassment from Jonathan). I do prefer playing older games prior to this new obsession with censorship; seeing games uncensored in all regards and staying true to the original intentions of the creators, whatever those intentions may be.

Despite being a visual novel, there are a few segments of the game (the shooting and bomb defusal) in which you can actually make mistakes and get a game over. The bomb defusing part is a bit annoying but the characters breaking the fourth wall make it hilarious rather than rage inducing.


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