Wreck-It Ralph!

After waiting very patiently since I saw the trailer back in June 2012, Wreck-It Ralph FINALLY was released in the UK! I liked the idea of the film from the get go, but after actually seeing it I think it only worked because of all the references to existing games.

Probably my favourite part!

I also really liked the very end of the film with the reference to the Pac-man 256 kill screen, really nice touch! And of course Ralph giving his name as Lara Croft 😛 But my favourite part was absolutely the Metal Gear Solid “!” alert part!

The little things like that really made the film. All the references showed they went the extra mile and they made it appeal to more than just children. The original Disney characters alone didn’t really make the film worth seeing if you were older than their primary target audience. Most definitely the references were the best part of the film for me and without them, it would have just been another generic kids’ film I would have never given a second thought to.


This was also actually the first film I have saw in 3D and I really don’t think my eyes are suited to it! I’m long sighted and it felt like everything was too close to my face. My eyes really hurt the whole night after seeing the film. I noticed the edges of the screen seemed to have overlapping images, similar to how the film looks like with no glasses on. Vanellope’s hair was also prone to overlapping for me, which was strange as it happened even when she was in the centre of the screen.

I felt like my eyes were constantly trying to fight the 3D and being distracted by the edges of the screen. I’ve read 3D isn’t any good for your eyes as it tries to trick you into focusing on many different distances at once. It made my eyes feel the same as using a 3DS, only far worse as it was a bigger screen and I was looking at it for a much longer period of time.

I probably won’t see any other films in 3D!

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