Red Dwarf X

I have to say I was not expecting much prior to watching the first episode of the new series. I personally think the show started to go downhill from Season 7, with Back to Earth being the lowest point. Series 7 was passable, but the earlier series are definitely my favourites. However, I will always watch anything new from Red Dwarf and I was very shocked that it turned out to be a funny episode which I enjoyed.

There were only 2 things which I disliked, the first being that Rimmer’s brother was telling a pack of lies all these years! The thing which made Rimmer throughout the previous series was his twisted up hate for his three brothers who were more successful than him in every way. So for one of his brothers to be exactly the same position as Rimmer was a let down. The second was the Mac spinning eyes, which I felt was a bit cringeworthy.

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