Breaking Bad

When high school Chemistry teacher Walter White finds out he has inoperable lung cancer, his first concern is how his family will manage financially after he has gone. When his DEA agent brother-in-law unwittingly shows him the money that can be made in the drug industry, Walter teams up with one of his former students and begins to manufacture methamphetamine.

I was first told about Breaking Bad by one of my lecturers in my first year of university, but it wasn’t until now I actually decided to finally watch it. I instantly became obsessed with the show and I have gotten up to date (Season 5, Episode 7). There is now only 1 more episode to air this year; the rest of Season 5 is going to be aired in America in Summer 2013.

I think the first 3 seasons were my favourite. I liked Walt having to balance his home life and his “business” life; trying to cover it up from his family. I preferred the show towards the beginning where Walt and Jesse were driving out in their RV and it was so obvious that they didn’t know what they’d gotten themselves into. I think Season 4 wasn’t as good as the previous ones for some reason, but the finale was brilliant.

Video contains spoilers for all seasons.
Watch up to around 1:52 if you’ve never seen Breaking Bad before.

In many ways I can see similarities between Breaking Bad and Death Note (spoilers for both ahead). Both protagonists could easily be viewed as antagonists, and they are both working/living closely alongside their enemy (Light with L, and Walt with Hank). What made me see the similarities even more was at the end of Season 4, when Walt says “I won”, that is just Kira down to a tee! At the start of the series, Walt was doing it for his family, but now he has changed, as proven when he turns down the $5 million. Even Jesse realises that Walt has changed and he doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore.

SEASON 5 UPDATE (Spoilers for both Breaking Bad and Death Note finales):
Even more similarities now. When Walt is in the desert, he goes past his “past self” (his trousers that flew through the air in the opening of the first episode). In Death Note, when Light is escaping the warehouse, he literally runs past his “past self” (hallucination/visual effect).

walt barrel PDVD_225

The final scenes for both shows also mirror each other, a pan out on the character as he lies dying.

walt end PDVD_217

(Death Note screenshots credit)

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