Tomb Raider Ascension – Fan-made film

Fan-made film, shot over 7 days with a budget of £15,000. Based on the Tomb Raider series of games.

Tomb Raider Ascension is an extremely well made piece of work (particularly for a fan-production), with some excellent shots and locations. Whilst watching the video, I felt myself asking how they had managed to gain access to some of the locations, particularly the manor and the caves.

Some scenes and explanations of feel like they drag on too long and could be significantly shortened, to keep it concise and simple for the audience to understand (particularly if they are not familiar with the Tomb Raider series).

Tomb Raider Ascension does occasionally borrow lines from the official movies (2001, 2003) which is a nice reference, but does suggest they could not come up with their own line. However, the scriptwriting in general is very good, with a couple of laugh-out-loud moments.

The casting was very good, with the exception of Lara’s father; to me he did not fit the role. The actors chosen of the butler, Lara’s uncle, and Lara herself were strong choices, and contributed to the high standard of the production.

Overall, a very enjoyable and absorbing film, which successfully manages to draw in the viewer. I did not know what to expect before I began watching and had low expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed this production.

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